Why Choose Us?

Firewall & (D)DoS Protection

Our robust DDoS and Firewall systems are always on at no additional cost, meaning you can rest assured that downtime will be kept to a minimum.

Data Protection

Data is valuable, this is why we take great pride in presenting our backup systems to you, which are in place and available to you on both cPanel and the Game Panel.

Suitable Servers

We have spent countless hours, finding the best suited servers for the most popular games to ensure top quality performance.


We have invested vast amounts of time with top penetration specialists to help ensure our Server's are as secure as possible, reducing the risk of un-expected downtime.

Support Team

Our trained and dedicated support team is ready to jump into action 24 hours a day to assist in resolving any issues you may encounter.

Technical Analysts

Our Technical Analysts constantly monitor our Server's and work around the clock optimising and maintaining them to ensure we provide only the best experiences.

99.9% Up-Time

We know that downtime is not only an inconvenice but can also be costly, we pair our premium grade hardware with careful planning and excecution to ensure only minimal downtime is expereienced.

Simple Management

Managing your Website, Game or Voice Server is quick and easy with cPanel and our custom GamePanel.

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Basic Web Hosting
1 Monthly Sales
Premium Web Hosting
15 Monthly sales
Rapid SSL Wildcard
7 Annual sales
Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain
12 Annual sales